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PayFast gives educational institutes a platform to easily receive payments from parents so that they can make teaching their top priority.

Online Subscriptions
An effortless integration of monthly fee collections transferred automatically to the educational institute’s account without fault or deviation.

Optimize Online Fee Collection through PayFast
Difficulty in collecting fees is a recurring problem for Educational Institutes, due largely to a severe lack of optimization. With PayFast, an automated system of payments will deduct school fees and add it to the school’s account, without the need for waiting in long queues in the bank or the risk of late payment. Not only does this make it easier for institutes to receive payments in a timely manner, but also helps parents avoid the monotonous process of paying fee every month by visiting their back branch. Alternatively, a link can be sent at a predetermined schedule and parents are at liberty to seamlessly make payments from the comfort of their homes.

E-Learning Websites
As more and more students look towards the internet to further their studies, PayFast provides a platform to e-learning websites for receiving payments in a way that is as seamless as the tuition they administer.

Catered to fulfill the needs of all types of education systems

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Tutorials, Tuition Centers
  • E-Learning, Online Tuitions, Online Diplomas

Payment Links or Auto-Debit
An automatic scheduling system can be put in place parents can either opt to have the fee deducted every month automatically, or pay manually through automatically generated PayFast links generated from the Instant Bill platform as scheduled.

Eliminate Manual Reconciliation

Manual effort performed by employees would be eliminated. The option to generate a report, can give you insight on the payments you have received and eliminate manual reconciliation.

Our Invoicing Platform has an easy-to-use Dashboard

Instant Bill is not only informative, but also straightforward, so that only relevant information is visible. Our dashboard would include different fees received between your institute and the parents, in a way that is easy to understand and informative.


As Pakistan’s dedicated payments solution, PayFast helps non-profit organizations seamlessly accept and manage donations through a secure, easy-to-use and customized payments experience.

Our services are devoted to bringing nonprofits into the 21st Century
With PayFast increase your volume of donations from potential donors. A seamless payment solution results in more donations.

Multiple Payment Methods
Our platform allows you to generate a PayFast link that can be shared on your website or directly with your donors allowing them the freedom to choose the most convenient payment method from the options we offer.

Smart Features
With software made specially to receive payments, our platform uses features of ‘card saving’ and ‘auto-debit’, making the process of a monthly donation more convenient. With these options, you can either attain one-time donations, or have your donors sign up to an automated system where a pre-decided amount is seamlessly deducted from their’ accounts every month.

Safe and Secure with PayFast
We uphold the highest security standards to ensure that every transaction is safely transferred to your account. No matter the amount, our efforts to eliminate safety concerns make sure that the donations to your organization are quickly passed on to you.

Eliminate Manual Reconciliation
Break free from the complications of manual collection through a streamlined experience provided by PayFast. Our platform provides automated reports for every donation received so that you can save time on keeping track of the income your organization receives, allowing for ease in management decisions.


As gig economy continues to grow, PayFast provides a versatile solution for keeping your income on track. As you work wherever you want, whenever you want, our product gives you the liberty to receive payments seamlessly and effortlessly.

Smart Features
PayFast allows you to modify the schedule of payments you receive with one-time payments and periodic subscriptions, so that you can distinguish between regular or one-off clients through our easy-to-use dashboard. We understand that, for freelancers, every job is different. Our aim is to meet this diversity by providing a payment platform that caters to your business or service’s payment needs. Please note that working days do not include Saturday, Sunday and gazetted/bank holidays.

Online Fee Collection through PayFast
We give you the freedom from antiquated modes of payments by providing instant and reliable transfer of funds. For one-time payments, PayFast allows for quick and easy transfer of funds from their account to yours, and for regular customers that you deal with, an auto-debit system is in place that bills clients as mutually decided immediately without the need for cash at hand.

Different Professions
Receive payments instantly through invoices generated through Instant Bill. Whether you’re a graphic designer getting paid for a project you create, or a personal trainer paid per session, PayFast via Instant Bill gives you the ability to get compensated for your work eliminating the risk of late payment or reliance on cash payments.

Seamless Funds Transfer
The easiest, quickest and most convenient way to get paid. Payments move directly from one account to another, and we accommodate you each step of the way.