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Welcome to the new era of Digital Payments
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Live Merchants

Live Merchants

Why PayFast?

PayFast makes it easier to run your business as Pakistan moves towards digitization. We're here to help scale your business by enabling it to go online and reach untapped markets.

Self Sign-Up

Paper-less, and contact-free! Our digital sign-up portal allows you to seamlessly register by yourself from the comfort of your office or home.

Optimize Revenue

Integrate with ease and simplicity to expedite acceptance of payments.


We are PCI-DSS Compliant and additionally have a Fraud Monitoring Solution, and transaction monitoring solution and team in place to protect your business. Learn more about Guardian here:

There to assist you every step of the way

24/7 customer support through email, chat, and call, and an extensive FAQ page to Click here

PayFast Checkout

Fast, secure, and easy to use, our solution offers multiple payment options to cater to your customer’s preferred mode of making payments.

With our Checkout, you’re one step away from growing your business

Payment Links

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to receive payments from your customers but don’t have a website or landing page?

There’s no need to worry anymore! 

PayFast Links will allow you to accept payments against your product or services by creating a unique payment link. It’s that simple!

PayFast Billing

Managing, distributing, and collecting multiple bills and subscriptions at a large scale is tiring and at times, nearly impossible when you don’t have a robust payment solution to support the demands of your business. 

We’ve made billing easier for you!

PayFast Mobile Payments

Powered by UnionPay International, we’ve revolutionized the payments landscape in Pakistan through the introduction of swift and seamless mobile payments.

Account holders with any of our partner banks can make purchases using QR and Tap & Pay!

A Complete payment solution for business of every size

MDR Per Transaction 3 %



Get a package tailor-made to suite your business needs

Discounts on high transaction volume

Why Choose Us?

Empower your business with the right tools to accept online payments


Swift Digital Sign-up

Quick and easy integration
Paperless and Contact-free


No hidden fees

No setup fees

No annual fees

No monthly fees


Data security & encryption

Simplified PCI compliance

2-factor authentication


Developer friendly platform

Client libraries and SDKs

Open APIs

Robust third-party integrations


24/7 support

Dedicated team to answer your questions

Multiple ways to request assistance


Simplified Dashboard and Report Generation

Straightforward dashboard

Secure access

Custom reports and analytics 

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