Message from our Chairman

The foundation of PayFast lies in our zeal to digitize Pakistan and make cashless payments mainstream. Though our journey has just started, we have achieved a number of key milestones that have propelled us to becoming a leading figure in the Financial Technology (Fintech) sector of the country.

PayFast is a multifaceted solution designed with one critical aspect in mind – playing an integral role in the enablement of an online presence for Pakistani businesses in a country that is becoming increasingly digitized. Our services cater to a vast range of audiences, from individual freelancers working from their homes to SMEs, and corporations that process large volumes of transactions daily. It is our aim to facilitate the payments of all these entities under the PayFast umbrella.

Our business growth can be attributed to a culture of excellence in service, integrity, transparency, and professionalism. We are constantly striving to help our clients achieve their financial goals in a manner that befits the modern era through the utmost standards of service delivery, corporate governance, vigilant adherence to the regulatory requirements of the State Bank of Pakistan, and strict risk management guidelines. Subsequently, the company has numerous systems in place in order to help ensure that business practices and operations are consistently effective and responsive.

In the uncertain times of covid-19, where transitioning into the digital realm and establishing an online presence is key for business continuity, PayFast provides an edge in terms of converting leads into customers. As a Fintech startup, we are constantly striving towards innovative products that aim to not only disrupt the payments landscape of Pakistan, but help position the country as an emerging technological hub.

Syed Arshad Raza
Chairman – PayFast

Syed Arshad Raza

Chairman Profile

Mr. S. Arshad Raza is the Chairman of PayFast and serves as the company’s Board Director. Mr, Raza is also the Chief Executive Officer of Premier Systems, a position he has held for over twenty-five years. He is a vibrant and eclectic entrepreneur, which has allowed him to grow Premier Systems into a powerhouse that provides state of the art ICT solutions to businesses congruent to automation and digitalization of service. He has also successfully steered the company towards diversification by exploring new innovative business verticals. His extensive knowledge, breadth of experience in I.T./Telecom, Oil Refinery, Automobile and Shipping and passion for e-Commerce technology have served him in making impactful contributions towards the success of PayFast, and ultimately towards the digitization of Pakistan’s economy.

Mr. Arshad Raza holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and PGD in Computer Science.

About Premier Systems

Premier Systems Pvt. Ltd was formed in 1993, and has since been providing solutions that are the bedrock of system integration and ICT infrastructure to various customers in Pakistan. It provides sustainable digital transformation to its clients, giving them a technological competitive advantage to survive through the current era of digitization and strives to equip them with cutting edge innovations in Optimal ICT infrastructure, Anyware Operations, Organization Continuity and Core Modernization.

Premier Systems boasts a diverse range of solutions and has entered into a number of additional markets. It is the sole importer and authorized dealer for Audi AG and has also established an assembly contract with Skoda/Volkswagen AG. Moreover, it has entered the financial technology space with the launch of PayFast and has also begun locally manufacturing technologically superior and user-friendly mobile devices under the brand name Dcode.