PayFast received commercial license

Avanza Premier Payment Services & Improve e-Ticket Purchases Via PayFast

Avanza Premier Payment Services and have collaborated to enable e-ticket payments through PayFast; APPS’ secure end to end payment gateway.

The benefits that will arise through this collaboration include, customers of in paying for various tickets, which range from cinema and transportation, via bank Accounts, debit cards, and mobile wallets which are a part of APPS partner Bank ecosystem. is an online market place which has introduced the online sale of cinema and bus tickets in metropolitan cities (Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad) of Pakistan. It is a widely used domestic application used for booking tickets through the internet.

APPS is a start-up fintech governed under PSO/PSP regulation of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), with the objective to deploy an Online Payment Gateway and to act as a catalyst for the digitization of brick-and-mortar SMEs within Pakistan.

The highlight of this collaboration is not that two entities are collaborating together to enable e-commerce but it signifies the development of Pakistan’s digital landscape and it’s concentration being expanded towards a diversified set of leisure based online transactions.

Mr. Syed Tassawur Hussain, Head of Business – APPS, said, “At APPS, we want to be able to invest in our communities as we go along in our journey to succeed. Working with will add a layer of diversification as we’ll make it convenient and secure for all of Pakistan to purchase tickets, all at the comfort of their home.

Muhammad Qaisar, Chief Technology Officer – said, “Our company’s vision has always been to ensure transparent, easy and efficient e-ticketing system within Pakistan. With APPS’s payment gateway PayFast, we will be able to extend our reach in providing customers a platform to conduct e-commerce on a wider array of Banking customers, further cementing our position as an entity focused on catering to the growing needs of our customers.


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